Chesapeake Media Campaign

Ad that reads The Lunch You Save May Be Your Own

Yeah, we know there's a lot stuff we're supposed to do. Like be more polite. Like exercise. Okay, we're on that. But then we thought about what we really care about. We thought about the Chesapeake. We thought let's do something that really matters: Let's protect our favorite seafood. So that's why we have this campaign about putting off fertilizer until the fall. (Learn about the people behind the Chesapeake Club)


TV Ads

Crab Kwon Do

Delicious (30 sec)

Appetizer (15 sec)

Sod (15 sec)

Sod (30 sec)


No appetizers were injured in the making of this lawn The lunch you save may be your own

Spring fertilizer helps grow our dependence on Louisiana Protect the crabcake population

Is the grass really greener if all of the blue crabs are gone?

Chesapeake Club in the News

  • Campaign promotes cutting fertilizers to aid Chesapeake Bay, The Bay Journal, 4/2007
  • PR campaign from state, federal governments strives to save crabs, The News Leader, 3/30/2007
  • Still confused? Here's link between lawns, bay, The Richmond Times-Dispatch, 3/24/2007
  • ‘Chesapeake Club’ targets homeowner use of fertilizer, Virginia Farm Bureau, 3/15/2007
  • New ads urge less fertilization to help Bay grow healthy, The Virginian-Pilot, 3/06/2007
  • Campaign promotes cutting fertilizers to aid Chesapeake Bay, The Associated Press, 3/06/2007
  • Humor boosts bay ads on pollution, The Daily Press, 3/06/2007
  • Playful ads to target bay pollution, The Daily Press, 3/05/2007